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  1. Answer a few quick but important questions.

  2. Your AskOtto Shopper Shield and Dashboard are instantly activated and ready to use.

  3. You can now communicate instantly, shield your identity with the auto dealers you select, and receive exclusive offers. For the first time ever, you are now in control of both your car-shopping info and your privacy choices.

Shopper Dashboard

Ask Otto Shopper Shield is Easy, Convenient, and Private

Once you activate your AskOtto account your Shopper Shield is instantly created and is ready to use.

Save all your vehicles of interest and exclusive offers to your AskOtto dashboard. All of your dealer conversations are saved to review quickly and compare in one place. You maintain control of your identity and dealer access, while you shop at any automotive website online.

Shopper Shield


Share your Shopper Shield link when you chat.

Dealers may then access your shopping preferences and promote exclusive offers via the link. They will not see your personal contact information.

Only you decide who to share your contact information with.


Use Your New Shopper Shield email address in place of your usual email address.

A link to your auto shopping dashboard is then provided. Your selected dealer may now instantly post vehicle recommendations, exclusive offers, without access to your personal contact information.


Share your Shopper Shield QR code when you visit your local dealership. Simply display the shield found on your dashboard.

Your Shopping Preferences and prior online conversations with the dealer are instantly available.

Your Personal Identifying details are hidden until you choose to unlock them.

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By far, the best car buying experience I’ve ever had.
Atlanta, GA
I can't tell enough people about AskOtto.
Santa Monica, CA