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> Is AskOtto a dealership?
No, we are an independent media company dedicated to empowering consumers with the best shopping experience available.
> Will AskOtto share my email address with car dealers?
No, AskOtto will not share your email address, or phone with auto dealerships. You are in control of which car dealers have your contact information.
> Why do I have to set up an account with AskOtto?
By setting up an account we are able to send you notifications when a new message, or a new offer on your vehicle or an update on a vehicle you are interested in buying occur.
> Do I need to take my car to the dealership to get an offer?
No, many car dealers will make an offer without a requirement to see your vehicle, and will even pick up your car from your home or work place. However, some will require a review or inspection of your vehicle to make a binding offer. The choice of course is up to you which dealer you would like to work with.
> How does AskOtto value my vehicle?
AskOtto utilizes TradePending, an independent third party service which defines valuations for millions of vehicles across the United States and is a trusted source for these valuations across the automotive industry.
> Why would I get an offer on my vehicle less or more than the valuation AskOtto provided?
Demand for used vehicles in a market or an individual dealer can vary greatly from day to day or even by the hour. The value of a vehicle to a car dealer is largely driven by the number of buyers/shoppers for a vehicle in a market and the number of available vehicles. That said, there are instances where a dealer may already have a willing buyer for a particular vehicle who is waiting for the dealer to find that particular vehicle. This can create an immediate though short term spike in the value of a particular vehicle to a dealer.
> How does AskOtto make vehicle recommendations?
AskOtto utilizes the preferences you provide and the cars you review on AskOtto related sites to determine which cars available in your area match.
> What information does AskOtto share with car dealers?
AskOtto shares the vehicle VIN(s) for the vehicles you are seeking purchase offers for, along with the related vehicle information such as mileage, condition, etc. Further, we may provide your vehicle preferences as to your next purchase.
> How does AskOtto make money from its service?
AskOtto is paid fees by car dealers to submit an offer for your vehicle and/or when they purchase your vehicle. Further, we are paid a fee when our clients promote content to you related to your auto shopping preferences. Also, we receive fees for data research and analysis we conduct on consumer demand for vehicles, consumer satisfaction, automotive inventory market alignment and other related industry trends.
> What if I have a bad chat experience with a dealership on this site?
It is our goal that your experiences with dealers on AskOtto be exceptional. However, we do not have control over the dealership personnel who are active. We do want to hear about your experiences and encourage you to send your comments to feedback@askotto.com.

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